Milan. Or where did I leave my rose-colored glasses?

Hello, my dear friend,

I do not know, what is your reason for being here, but I want to say thank you, because you let me show my world. To share it…

But… Forget about my annoying introduction. In my first post I have written about my dream to visit Italy. Now I will answer, why…

I am from Lithuania. Here people are enough rough, angry, closed… Cruel and intolerant. Maybe someone could say, do not be so negative, your fantasies are too big, look around you, people are amazing… And yes, I believed to this fucking shit, which I have heard from my family, teachers, psychologists… But not friends… I did not have friends. Do you want to know, why? Because I am ginger. And in the school to have hair like mine is the worst thing, which could happen to child… Everyone… They mocked me and said, I am too ugly. Funny, right? You cannot be yourself and it is normal… I changed many schools and places… Everywhere is the same. Even in the university the girls from my course called me strange, ginger, freak, idiot. I only wanted to be accepted into society… But I am used. The life learned to get rid of emotions and I just was waiting for time, when I will get an opportunity to leave Lithuania, to leave people there, to forget my past and finally to get the future. After all my depression, loneliness, discrimination, sleepless nights in the library and doubts I though, I will be happy studying in Italy, where people are more open, tolerant, used to communicate with foreign students… But my stereotypes killed my dream… My dream about sunny place with amazing people… My pink glasses covered not only my eyes…

In August of 2018 years I had my first trip to Italy. I arrived to Milan Malpensa airport and after long day decided to stay there for one night in one cheap hostel.

Yes, you can find cheap place for one night in Milan, if you make booking in website I have payed 20 euros for one room with terrace and another 2 girls. I do not remember, how many rooms were there – 3 or 4, but I remember two toilets and bathrooms and one big kitchen. It was a hostel, so, do not expect something wow. But with absolute conscience I could say, that hostel was only thing I liked in Milan.

Let see the view from my side. If you are a foreign tourist, do not worry. You do not need to know Italian language for communication with local people… Most of them even are not Italians. During my travel I have met Russian woman, which had a problem with city’s map, many Chinese, Spanish, Americans and emigrants (with them is another story). But… Could you believe? In Milan I have not heard someone talking in italian language? Even in the shops and hostel…

But maybe it is not so big problem. Maybe even it is not a problem. But let me tell, what does it mean to be a white and ginger girl there.

First of all, nobody looks at you serious. You are one more white girl, who came to find a boyfriend. You are a bitch, who wants to steal poor Italian guy. Who wants to get rich, to eat in the famous restaurants and bla bla bla… Yes, you are just a bitch and Italians are so amazing, so beautiful, so perfect, that because of them you left your country and arrived there to find l‘amore. They are nationalists. For them it does not matter, why are you here, who you are or something more than, you have never tried pasta? How is it possible? It is terrible… But not as that thing with emigrants, when they try to fall in love with every white girl, who has an European passport.

To be honest, I am very polite and tolerant person. For me it has never been important, which color is your skin, eyes, hair. How tall you are or what is your weight. All my life I am jealous to people, who have black hair and brown eyes…

My dear friend, if you are still reading this, do not forget, you are amazing. You are only one in the world. I will not find another person as you. Your friends too… Like your family and teachers…

But discrimination exists… I felt it in my country and I thought it cannot be worse, but I was wrong… In Milan are many emigrants. Many streets, where it is danger to walk for a white girl like me. Because for black people you are one more stupid white girl… But, human, the world has to wake up and understand one thing… If you are white, it means nothing. If you are black, it means nothing too. We are separated by skin color… And forgot, what does it mean to be a simple human. Without discrimination, sexism, racism and bullying.

I want to say thanks for this opportunity. Maybe your experience in this country was more successful, but I saw, everywhere people are the same. Just in Lithuania they mocked me because of my ginger hair and freckles. In Italy it was because of my too white skin and gender. I am only stupid young girl looking for adventures… I am not racist. I am realistic.

But, my dear friend, if you got my mind, it is time to make sure, what is the color of your glasses.

With love,

Yours Rya

15 thoughts on “Milan. Or where did I leave my rose-colored glasses?”

  1. My glasses are rose-colored, too. I see the glass as not half-empty or half-full. I see it as full and overflowing. I hope you can overcome a history of prejudice and bullying and jealousies. I hope yo can find your dreams and make them come true. Thank you for visiting JanBeek. Come visit again. I hope to inspire you to keep your rose colored glasses clean and useful! ❤

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  2. Hello Miss Rya,

    A few moments ago I received an email that you were following my blog. I don’t know how you found me, since I used a long, hard to find title, but I guess you did. I then read your post “Milan,….” It’s very, very moving and more, but I just wanted to ask only about something ridiculous and trivial, for which I must apologize. You said “I am ginger…” several times and for the life of me I could not understand what you were saying. As I read on, I thought you might have meant “I am a redhead…” which, to my astonishment, I realized might be a basis people use for prejudice over there. (I guess people will find anything in their endless desire to feel superior and to hate.) Just to check, did you mean “redhead”? If not, could you please explain? I’m sorry if I wasted your time, but if I’m correct you might want to say “redhead” instead! It sounded like you were saying you were a spice plant. (I’m an English native speaker so maybe I don’t know how the word is used in some other countries, but just wanted to ask you about it. I don’t think you are a spice plant!) Thanks!

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    1. Hey, thank you for your reading 😀 yeh, I have meant redhead… We are used to call it ginger hair… and from here came a term ” ginger” not as a plant bus as a ginger girl… So, here can be a misunderstanding, because English is not my mother tongue. But it is a fabulous language… But You got it well. Do not you use a word ” ginger” as to describe the look?
      And thank you for your comment 🙂

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      1. No, I never used “ginger” that way but maybe it’s just an accepted usage I simply don’t know about even though other English speakers use it to refer to redheads. Anyway, with the word “redhead” everybody knows what it means.

        Best wishes to you and aloha!

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  3. Hey! I was very hard to read your post for me, as I am truly in love with ginger hair and freckles. I think you are beautiful. Never take seriously anything in this life, not the things people tell and not even the ugly things you think about yourself. It if funny, as I have felt discriminated too for being a Latin girl, you can imagine… Now I found myself and I feel happy and stronger every day. I send you the very best energy and good vibes. Don’t forget you’re beautiful!

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    1. Hey. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I just wrote my experience. Now I understand that. 😊 You too. Stay happy. Every day. Every minute :).


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