Photos taken in Vilnius

My dear friend, good evening,

Yes, I am here again. Now you will ask why I am writing so much. In fact, this month I have too much free time. But I do not complain. I have more time for reading your blog.

But let’s come back to the beginning. Why am I writing this post? Nothing important. Just some taken photos in Vilnius city. Have a look and drink your coffee, tea, strawberry milkshake or what do you like.

Can you feel my nostalgia, my dear friend?

For today I say bye. And hope to see you tomorrow.

With love,

Yours Rya

4 thoughts on “Photos taken in Vilnius”

  1. hello to you you left no contact details so I’ll just comment here. you can remove it if you don’t like it.
    1.Don’t define yourself by a medical condition
    you are just you. you take your meds and nobody knows what you are enduring. but with your meds you are “totally normal yourself”
    we all have crosses to bear, they don’t define us, I dress badly, very badly but it does not define me. I define myself, and so should you.
    You are YOU, as much or as little as you want to be. You are a very beautiful young girl. Your Future is what you want it to be. Nobody nor nothing will get in your way. Imagine you are in a box of love, you open the door to those you want in to share your time and your laughter. If somebody or some situation might hurt you the you keep the door closed. A bit like being a Tortoise or Tank, your very own private panic room.I Hope I’ve explained this correctly. How did you find me? Though your site is very new, you might be Donald Trump in disguise reading me incognito. It does say Lithuania on the map. Perhaps you are Putin reading me in disguise too, I have lots of Russian readers recently. There are 2000 stories on my Blogger site. STAY HAPPY MYA, there is always HOPE, never let it go, I’m sure you family will tell you that. Your English is very good, much better than my Lithuanian.
    Michael Casey
    in my head I’m George Clooney


    1. Hi, thank you for your words, but it is not easy to think so, when all my hours, days, weeks in the school, in the university and general in the society were spent in loneliness. ) But I am happy, I had a big experience, which I try to write here… Now I have good friends, lovely dogs and brothers and I am happy).
      And yes, my blog is new and I from Lithuania, but I am not a fan of politics).
      But thank you for your letter again. Your words mean a lot to me.
      Best wishes,

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