Do not be alone

Hello, my dear friend

I do not know about what I could write today… I have many ideas, but I feel melancholy… Today my mood is going down. Have I said I am bipolar?

Bipolar disorder, also, known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.

I am scared. Because I am alone. Nobody knows about it. Nobody believed that I have bipolar disorder. Nobody saw my medicines. Yeh, funny, right?

Now I have to motivate myself. I am trying to throw away all toxic thoughts, but… This melancholy does not let me do it.

My family has said every one is depressed. Depression does not exist. Bipolar disorder too. Just I have a great fantasy.

My dear friend, I feel so lonely. I have only myself and my faith… Which is not strong. I am not sure what should I do now. I do not know why I am writing it. I only wanted to say, you are amazing. I want to remind you, do not give up and achieve your dreams.

But today I can not do it… Sorry, my dear friend. It is really hard, but I will try to be normal.

Am I weird? Freak? Every one says so. Just because of my feelings.

You know, no one believes to my feelings.

Sorry for my depression.

Sorry for my feelings, for my freakness, for my words, for myself…

But… My dear friend, do not forget to ask people around you about their feelings. Just do not forget about them. Do not let them be alone. And you, do not be alone.

I am absolutely sure you have many talents and skills. You can use them. You can create, write, sing, draw… You can find yourself and change this world. You can change everything. But start from yourself. From your friends and family. Please, do not forget we are only humans.

With love,

Yours Rya

27 thoughts on “Do not be alone”

  1. I AM Evolving EveryOne; I AM:

    ♡ Awake; Enlightened
    ♡ Aware; Understanding
    ♡ Alert; Paying Attention

    …maybe I AM Crazy, InSide Sanity, InSane yet I AM Less Mad than The “Bi-Polar” ‘Professionals’ Attending Me Medically; fortunately I AM also Legally Smarter than They ARE so I Stay Out of Secure Psychiatric Units…


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  2. No one is ever alone, you have me and the stars plus other artists constantly trying to let people know they are not alone.

    Like how people believe Jesus never returned yet, why wouldn’t he have?

    It’s that time and date according to revelations when you transition the verses like Rev 21:9 into 2019.

    And the stars aren’t promoting the same personification throughout all their characters in various ways for nothing.

    God is back and he is not too impressed with how things are managed alongside all the killing in the name of.

    But those are problems you need not worry about just focus on you, helping others and spreading these beautiful messages which express how you feel to help others understand that they are not alone in all this.

    We can only help so many hands on personally which is why we have projections through art and books otherwise which help hold peoples hands spiritually through whatever it is they are going through.

    Oh and if you have toxic thoughts?

    Just let them out in a safe environment like your blog here.

    As I absorb darkness at times so I need to release it which is why my posts bounce between extremes many times but since God came from darkness?

    Even in darkness there is a hidden message to be learned and more understanding to gain about ourselves from it.

    The more we understand ourselves and the universe?

    The happier we will be.

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    1. Hi, thank you for your message. Yes, you are right. Just sometimes it is hard but I hope to find that faith which would help me. I just want make people care about others. I believe people are amazing. We can help to others. Take care of them. Just sometimes we do not understand what should we do. I believe to people. To their love. Even if they hate me… They hated me all my life but I love them. Is it stupid?
      But thank you for you reading and so long comment. I am glad to hear so amazing words.

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      1. I want to believe God loves me, I will not disappoint Him, I am child of God and things I do, are for His name but… My faith is not strong. For me it is hard to believe. But I want to say to my one friend who 3 years ago showed be this world because now I have hope… My family does not see me as I am… I just want to be needed. And to love.

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      2. Amen, don’t we all?

        None the less God does love you trust me, and he will always love you and be on your side in many ways.

        For example, like Him sending me to talk to you today.

        I saw a moment which required assistance like he did and because your heart and faith is true?

        Voila here I am trying to help ease you in whatever way I can from here.

        The trick is if you think faith comes with just all around goodness?

        You are going to struggle as good and bad has to happen to help make faith concrete plus add entertainment in some cases.

        Otherwise life would be boring which is why I myself am entertained by my enemies and/or unbelievers and those who try to force pills on me etc…

        In a world filled with sinners we can say?

        Any form of goodness is attacked in many ways like your family not seeing you as you are.

        Thats a good thing because at that point that means you are on God’s side which is not the easy side at all.

        Which that right there is what makes you stronger than most and once again why God loves you and why I am here before you today.

        We are a minority but when you consider the sun in space?

        So is the sun and yet look at all the light and life it spreads all alone in the cold by itself?

        If it can do it?

        So can we 🙂

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      3. I have never thought from this side. But if it helps me to be with God, I am ready and I just hope one day my family will see my heart. Because now I can change nothing. If only I had a stronger faith… But I am working with this. And I can admit that maybe 3 months ago I would say that it is only coincidence you wrote me but now… I believe that God is near. And I will try to take this hope and work with myself. I am a science person. And I can say I hate my childhood, I hate all my 18 years… But now I see that all this hatred of people changed me to better side. I do not know how, because I should hate them… But maybe God gave me too much love?
        And thank you for your message. It is really important to me.:)

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      4. God gave you exactly what you need to get this far today because unlike other who lost faith or worse commit suicide?

        You are still here today and staying strong while trying to stay strong.

        You are testing God’s promise which is a good thing as why shouldn’t God prove that he is with us when we need him most?

        We have been loyal to him and therefore loyalty needs to be reciprocated.

        Which is why that extra love will pay off because it’s like a car running on fumes.

        That little extra will help you get to the nearest gas station which so happened to be me today.

        I am a science person as well and God loves science because science to God is like the sonic screwdriver to Dr who.

        It was created as a tool to find and prove God once and for all despite those attempting to use it to disprove God.

        Thats where they lost already since they handed over the very tools which will lead to their downfall.

        Luckily God is forgiving because it was all part of the plan to help us evolve this far today.

        There is no such thing as coincidence, that is what all my posts are about…connecting it all together to prove that it’s not coincidental but intentional for good reasons in the end.

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      5. Thank you for your reading, comments and just being here. You really helped me now. Maybe I just was waiting for the words as yours. To see God is near…
        I will try to believe more, to make my faith stronger and to give all my heart to God. Thank you for today.

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  3. ♡ Goddess has returned after Some Time Away EveryOne; and “God” is The One who Made The Mess in The First Place and Took NO ACCOUNTABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY!!! for Cleaning Up After HimSelf…so now They ARE Talking and SHE!!! is Assisting HIM!!! Learn The Value of Being Janitorial and Domestic; it’s NOT!!! Really that Hard and NOT!!! Just a Girls Job



  4. You are no freak, Rya. You are beautiful in your own way, as is everyone else! Never forget that.

    You have this challenge, but that won’t stop you from moving forward. It isn’t easy. Yet, I believe you can build something beautiful for yourself that will put a big grin on your face.

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  5. Never feel guilty or apologize for who you are and what you’re feeling. You have every right to express yourself and your feelings however you please and whomever views that as weird, freaky or non existent should be shipped to Pluto.

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  6. Try to resist those feelings of being alone. Though I feel them too, I think they are a lie. Someone is here, even if you do not see them. I know this, but sometimes I forget .

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  7. i’m so sorry rya! Please remember that God loves you and you are special no matter what. When you first mentioned bipolar disease, didn’t know what it was. Then I did some research, and I’m so sorry! Please don’t give in to the negativity and you can always email me if you feel too badly. Please remember that God loves you and you are special.
    -Midnight Z.

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