Thank you, God

Hi, my dear friend,

Are you ready for Easter? I am not too. Do not worry. But today I only want to say thank you. Thank you, my dear friend, for your nice words, hope and motivation. Thank you for being here, for reading this post. Thank you for your faith. For your love. You can not understand how much you mean for me.

But also I wanted to say thank You, God. Thank You for this amazing day, for Your love, Your trust, Your belief in me. People, You have send to me today. Inspiration, you showed to me. This life, you gave to me. Thank You, my Lord. For everything.

And, my dear friend, as always, be happy.

With love,

Yours Rya

One thought on “Thank you, God”


    When We Are Psychologically Serene & Spiritually Synchronous Our Physical Appearance Melts Away Revealing Our Soul; I Endeavour to Help My Soul Be as Beautiful in Appearance as My Soul can Be in Our 3DEnvironment and I Do this by Being as Authentically:

    ♡ Caring
    ♡ Kind
    ♡ Compassionate

    …as I can Be; A Soul is ALWAYS Beautiful yet if The 3DVessel Associated with A Soul is Inauthentic in its:

    ♡ Care
    ♡ Kindness
    ♡ Compassion

    …The Poor Old Soul, Totally Free of Any Accountability & Responsibility, Appears to Other 3DVessels as Bitter, Twisted & Ugly Regardless of The Physical Appearance of Their 3DVessel; My Experience & Belief is that The Primary Key to Eliminating Our Inauthenticity is Admitting, Acknowledging & Addressing Our MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues)…the Savagery of Ladies is what Creates ‘Bad Boys’ and, even worse ‘Gross Girls’; a Baby spends Nine Months in The Womb, an awe inspiring, incredibly intimate, innate relationship, and, generally, the first most Formative Five Years of Their 3DLife with Their Birth Mother 🤔😇🤗 …



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