‘ – What have you smoked? Are you fine? Whar are you doing with yourself? It is not normal.’

These words I have heard after my the last posted photo. Maybe if I did not change my style people would not ask me these questions. But now everyone thinks I use drugs.

I have to admit, I really smoke weed sometimes. But it is legal in the Netherlands. Therefore, I hate to be addicted to something or someone. My freedom is everything I have and I am not going to destroy it by my hands.

So, what is that? Schizophrenia? As my one friend asked me? Or something else?

Maybe it is only my new style? Have I ever had my own style? I am even not an artist.

I do not know, who I am, but everyone knows. People are so weird. They think, they can teach me. They think, they can change me. But they have no clue, what I have seen. They are living in their pink room without windows and with only one door. They are afraid to open it. They are afraid to go outside. They choose to smile to everyone. To be ‘a good person’. They think others do not see their falsity.

I am cold. But I have reasons for that.

I lost my pink glasses.

It is Saturday.


The last taken photo.

One thought on “Schizophrenia?”

  1. ♡ Good on You for Just Being You; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity who Your Friends ARE so Just Continue Being You



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