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I am Bipolar, and what? Or just a girl, who is looking for the future. Call me Rya.

Blackjack? Or how did I decide to study in Italy?

My dear friend,

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am Victoria. My surname is Chemerovskaya, but it is unofficial. Not because I do not want to reveal my personal data. I have one nasty story about myself and maybe one day I will be enough brave to admit, who I am, and to write it here. It is true, we all have a dark side inside us which we would like to hide from the outside world. And I am not happy having it, but basta about it.

About 2 years ago, in summer, when I have finished school and have gotten a certificate, the time to choose my future plans came very fast. I had an idea to study medicine. I passed the biology exam and was ready to send my application to the university. I was thinking a lot. I asked myself, will I be happy studying medicine? Because it takes a lot of patience, time and will. I understood, I am not a right person for that. I do not have enough patience, I like liberty and I need to have a free time for creativity, literature, writing and drawing. Mother, sorry, but my dream from childhood was only my dream.

When I was 8 years old, in the school teacher has given to everyone a paper balloon, where we could write our ambitions and dreams. On mine it has been written: “One day I will become a doctor.” Words of child. Many years have passed and I realized. Being a child I did not want to become a doctor. I only wanted to help to other people. To make them happy. To change something. I still want to do it. But I do not want to be a doctor.

I had some days for thinking, what do I want to do now. It was not easy. I do not like socialization, economics and everything, what includes communication with other people. Remembering all my dreams of childhood I decided – Italian language and literature is for me. You will ask, why? To be honest, I do not. I always had one stupid dream to study in Italy, to see this country from inside. I do not have more arguments. Also I love Latin language, literature and theater. So, literature + Italian culture + languages = Italian language and literature. Easy math.

Already on September I moved to Vilnius. I got the dormitory there and found one amazing friend, who was an anchor for me that long months. She is studying Russian language and literature.

I was one of students, who have exchanged parties to the library, because my goal was to participate in the Erasmus program next year. I was not sure, when. Professors said, it is too early for you. Wait a little bit. But I do not have patience and also my friend, who has sent the application to Turkey, said to me, do it. And I did. After many documents, tears and stress I have successfully entered the Genoa University. I had many doubts. I can say honestly; I was so naive. But about it later. I have to finish my red wine.

With love,

Yours Rya