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My new art and logo

Hi, my dear friend,

I have one new for you. Yesterday I decided to create something and now you can find things with my created logo and imagine here:

It is not something special, but, I just wanna try to do something good. To try to make this world better and all money, I get, I would like to send to organizations of animals protection.

I do not ask you to do something, but I would like to hear your opinion about this.

And, my dear friend, have a nice day.

With love,

Yours Rya

My first artwork

Hello, my dear friend,

Today do not expect something wow. I just finished my new artwork and what I can say… I am sure it was the first ant the last…

Now I give a respect to every artist. It is really hard work and, if you are one of them, my dear friend, I wish you the greatest success and inspiration. You can do everything if only you want.

As had said Pablo Picasso – Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.

Have a good work.

With love,

Yours Rya

Can you see it? can you feel it? Can you understand it?