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A long time no see

Hi, my dear friend,

Sorry, You have not hear anything from me a long time. To be honest. I was depressed. It was a shit and hard time. I have many problems now. Fucking bipolar disorder.

Now it is summer, but I am feeling so lonely.

Now I am with my brother in the restaurant, but we do not have about what to talk.

Now I am writing this post and I do not know, what I want to say to You.

But I am trying to believe bad days left me.

My dear friend, be near your friends, love your family and remember, they are the most important thing in this life.

With love,

Yours Rya

And sometimes

Hi, my dear friend,

How are you?

About what are you thinking now?

Have you ever noticed, sometimes you are thinking about absurdity?

Sometimes about meaning and importance?

About snowing in summer and raining in winter?

Sometimes about existence and apathy?

Sometimes about your faith and love?

Your individuality and dreams?

Your reality and small world closed from all?

Sometimes about sadness and loneliness?

Sometimes about games, books and movies?

Your friends and family?

Your words for people?

Your pain in the heart?

Sometimes about your problems?

Sometimes about sunny days?

My dear friend, are you thinking about your future?

About your ways and distances?

How often do you think about today?

Not about tomorrow?

Are you thinking, my friend?

With love,

Yours Rya

Can you feel it?

Hi again, my lovely friend.

Just read some lines here:

Frightened silence;

There is only sand here.

Do you feel it?..

The notes on my hands;

In my heart – the nostalgia.

In front of – the mirror invisible;

One butterfly behind the window.

No one sees you…

Do you feel it?

I can not see myself.

One touch – the sand is falling.

Do you feel it?..

The silence behind the window;

… Impossible to narrate.

You are with me again.

Do you feel it?

The sigh behind this wall.

I am talking to myself again.



Let me sleep.

Sorry for my mistakes, but I had to write it in English. It is an amazing language.

With love,

Yours Rya