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And sometimes

Hi, my dear friend,

How are you?

About what are you thinking now?

Have you ever noticed, sometimes you are thinking about absurdity?

Sometimes about meaning and importance?

About snowing in summer and raining in winter?

Sometimes about existence and apathy?

Sometimes about your faith and love?

Your individuality and dreams?

Your reality and small world closed from all?

Sometimes about sadness and loneliness?

Sometimes about games, books and movies?

Your friends and family?

Your words for people?

Your pain in the heart?

Sometimes about your problems?

Sometimes about sunny days?

My dear friend, are you thinking about your future?

About your ways and distances?

How often do you think about today?

Not about tomorrow?

Are you thinking, my friend?

With love,

Yours Rya

My new art and logo

Hi, my dear friend,

I have one new for you. Yesterday I decided to create something and now you can find things with my created logo and imagine here:

It is not something special, but, I just wanna try to do something good. To try to make this world better and all money, I get, I would like to send to organizations of animals protection.

I do not ask you to do something, but I would like to hear your opinion about this.

And, my dear friend, have a nice day.

With love,

Yours Rya

Stop and listen

Hi again, my dear friend,

How are you? How is your job, family, friends?.. When the last time you have asked how is your mother or father feeling? Or how you could help to your friend? Or why your sister or brother is so upset?

When the last time you have asked yourself, are you happy?

When the last time you have cried?

When the last time you have been angry?

When, my lovely friend, the last time you have said to yourself, you are amazing?

Can you remember? No?

Then I will say it to you. Just listen.

Maybe now you are thinking you can not do it. You are depressed or upset. You have problems and do not have a time for the rest.

But close your eyes for five minutes. Imagine yourself. Imagine your smile. Imagine people around you… Who do you see?

Think about happiness. Do not think about problems. Every problem is solved. It is only materialism. After some months you will not remember it.

Think about your goals. What do you want to do today? Tomorrow? Another week? Another month? Are you working for it? Are you trying to change something? Or you only try to solve your problems? Remember. After one problem comes another one… It is life…

But think. Are you still thinking? About what? About people around you? Are you afraid to disappoint them? Do not be… They will support you.

Think. Do you want to change something? Just do it. Now. Today. You do not know, how? Call to your best friend, sister, brother, father or someone else and talk. Talk about your dreams…

Good people will be near. Toxic people throw away from your life.

My dear friend, have you spent that five minutes in silence? Think, how much time you spend for yourself every day? Only you and your mind? How much?

I will share with you with my own story.

It is not long.

I know, some people are afraid to talk about their life experience. I know, how hard it can be. But, it happened.

Maybe you have a good family… Me too… Now…

I will not explain everything from my life. I just will say, that from childhood my step father every day has said to me, everything what I can achieve is to become a stripper. No one has heard it. No one has believed to me. He was talking so only when I was alone. And many years I was growing with this thought… I need to admit, it was painful. I was growing in hatred… But I have too much love… Love for people, nature and all this world… I know, I should hate people, but I can not…

My dear friend, people are amazing. Just not every one can solve his problems… Just not every one is strong… Just not every one can admit his weakness… But you can… Because when you admit it, you become stronger. And you will be… You will achieve everything, what you want.

Just listen… Listen you heart. And be happy.

With love,

Yours Rya

Can you feel it?

Hi again, my lovely friend.

Just read some lines here:

Frightened silence;

There is only sand here.

Do you feel it?..

The notes on my hands;

In my heart – the nostalgia.

In front of – the mirror invisible;

One butterfly behind the window.

No one sees you…

Do you feel it?

I can not see myself.

One touch – the sand is falling.

Do you feel it?..

The silence behind the window;

… Impossible to narrate.

You are with me again.

Do you feel it?

The sigh behind this wall.

I am talking to myself again.



Let me sleep.

Sorry for my mistakes, but I had to write it in English. It is an amazing language.

With love,

Yours Rya

Lithuanian language I

Hello, my dear friend,

Today I am not going to talk about politics, morality or something like that. No, today I am going to teach you.

I was born in family with three mother tongues. ( So, sorry for my broken English). Of one them is Lithuanian with 3,0 million native speakers and spoken in Baltic region. If you are interested to learn more about this language history, click here.

But now, let’s study.

First of all, Lithuanian alphabet has 32 letters. To see all of them and to hear the pronunciation you can in this video from youtube.

But it is not the most important thing, because Lithuanian phonetics is not so killing as English. And to learn to introduce yourself is more useful. So, let’s try.

My – mano [ mano:], name – vardas [ vardas], is – yra [ i:ra]

So, the sentence My name is Victoria sounds as – Mano vardas yra Viktorija.

How it could be seen, we pronounce how it is written. Then.

I am Victoria is Aš esu Viktorija. ( The word I – aš, we say as
[ aʃ ])

How to say Hi:

Good morning – labas rytas

Good evening – labas vakaras

Good night – labanakt

In Lithuanian we have Good day – laba diena. ( Between morning and evening.)

Hi – sveikas

Hello – labas

Welcome – sveikas atvykęs ( in the word atvykęs ęs you pronounce as in the word cat.)

How are you? – Kaip sekasi?

Good – gerai

Bad – blogai

Not bad – neblogai


Thank you – dėkui, ačiū

You are welcome – prašau


at home – namie; home – namas

where? – kur?; in the school – mokykloje, in the garden – sode. ( we use grammatical case, but about it later if you would be interested, my dear friend.)

To – į ( as in the word key); to the school – į mokyklą, to the job – į darbą ( grammatical case again)

From – iš as [ iʃ ]) fro airport – iš oro uosto, from train station – iš autobusų stoties ( grammatical case again.)

Some more words:

Country – šalis, city – miestas, street – gatvė

a job – darbas, a school – mokykla, a student – studentas

First – pirmas, second – antras, third – trečias

A bag – kuprinė, minute – minutė, a desk – suolas

Some questions

Can you reapeat? – Ar gali pakartoti?

How to write this? – Kaip tai parašyti?

Where is it? – Kur tai yra/ randasi? ( if we talk about place)

What is your name? – Koks tavo vardas?

How ols are you? – Kiek tau metų?


So, I think, for today it is enough. I know, I am not the best teacher, but if you would be interested to know something more, write to me.

For the end I leave one Lithuanian song here. It was made for children, so just take fun.

I have to finish my black tea. So, have a nice day, my lovely friend.

With love,

Yours Rya